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Dharsh Casinathen



Here’s My Story

Hi, I'm Dharsh! I'm a passionate advocate for the benefits of cannabis, blending over 20 years of experience in Corporate America with my deep passion for the plant, throughout my career, which included notable roles at KPMG Canada and PepsiCo, including the esteemed position of Sr. Director of eCommerce Finance, I discovered my true calling in the cannabis industry. As a medical patient in New Jersey, I personally experienced the transformative power of cannabis, igniting my journey in 2018.

Having grown up in a traditional South Indian immigrant home, I learned the equation of hard work + good education = a promising institutional job, which guided me throughout my early career. Starting as a CPA at KPMG Canada and then spending +13 years at PepsiCo, a Fortune 50 company, allowed me to hold multiple leadership positions and develop a strong foundation in leadership, finance, and operational excellence.

In 2020, an exciting opportunity emerged in the cannabis industry, and I wholeheartedly embraced it, becoming the SVP of Strategic Operations at an MSO (East Coast). This marked the beginning of my journey into the world of cannabis, where I discovered my true passion. As an educator, my mission is to guide individuals in creating a meaningful connection with the plant. Through my platform, @CannaDharsh, I share education on cannabis history, botany, science, and business dynamics, empowering others to make informed decisions and understand the plant's potential to serve.

I am a Certified Ganjier (Class of May 2023), embarking on my educational journey in 2022. The Ganjier program perfectly aligned with my mission and beliefs, equipping me with the necessary tools, knowledge, and connections to positively impact the industry. As an entrepreneur, I am also the Co-founder and President of Joy Leaf NJ, a Cannabis Retail Dispensary opening in Fall 2023. Our aim at Joy Leaf NJ is to create a vibrant and welcoming space for individuals to explore and experience the plant.

With my solid foundation in leadership, finance, and operational excellence, I transitioned into the cannabis industry. By combining my business expertise with my deep passion for the plant, I strive to positively impact people's lives and contribute to the growth and understanding of cannabis.
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